Saturday, June 16, 2007

Windmill Station @ Seremban 2

We had dinner at this newly opened Windmill Station at Seremban 2 yesterday night. Looking for good western food in Seremban is a chore! The best we had was at the Cowboy Station at Lobak but it'd wind up business long ago.

Having had good dining experience at their other outlet in Ampangan, we had high expectations from this new branch. Was craving for good food too as I ran 14.0km earlier as final preparation for my coming Sunday's Penang Bridge Marathon.

The pictorial menu was nicely designed, showing you exactly what you gonna get with each order. I had no problem ordering my food while talking on my handphone - just look, point, and nod. No fret there.

Dining ambience was okay, although not as classy as the one in Ampangan. No feel of fine-dining here.

Drinks that we ordered - Mango Smoothie, Iced Lemon Tea, and Fresh Apple Juice. The drinks are generally good. No let down here.

Grilled Chicken and Fish - RM15.80
I ordered the Grilled Chicken & Fish with black pepper sauce. Comes with some shredded cabbage, potato salad, tomato and cucumber slices, and some fruit salad. Fish was ok, but the chicken was a bit anorexic don't you think? Health freaks beware, if you order this be sure to turn the chicken over. A fat slab of chicken skin comes hidden underneath!

Hot and Spicy Fish Set - RM12.80
Ah Duan ordered this Hot and Spicy fish, which he said wasn't spicy at all. Looks like any other ordinary Fish & Chips to me!

Chicken Soup - (comes with set meals)
Most of the guys ordered the set meal, which comes with a bowl of soup, and looks like topped with overnite Gardenia bread crumbs. Haha, looks cheap to me. Now is that chicken or mushroom soup?

Nasi Goreng Kebab Set - RM7.50
Quek complaint that their Nasi Goreng Kebab not nice. Looks appetising to me. And for RM7.50 with a bowl of soup and iced lemon tea, I think it's a pretty good deal too. (I think he purposely say it's not nice to get back at us for criticising his Malay food recommendations. I think he'll be back with his girlfriend at Windmill soon. LOL!)

Mixed Grill Set - RM19.90
Daniel's Mixed Grill came 20mins after the rest of us finished gobbling our food. We were already asking for the bill, when the waiter came non-chalantly and shoved the plate to Daniel. Haha, he was pretty pissed. He wanted to head to Jusco for KFC already... but the temptation of piping hot grilled food got him whacking the food all the way!

Sirloin Steak - RM10.90
Siu Min's steak looks pathetic, I'm not sure if he's full after downing all those stuff. At least he's happy with his apple juice - authentic taste he said. Haha.

The dinner summed up to RM79.80, including a 5% tax. Surprisingly no 10% service charge here. Would I come again? Maybe. Maybe not!

The address:
40 G/F, Jalan S2,
B18 Biz Avenue,
Seremban Two.

4 spit-backs:

zac said...

looks like Malay "western" food! tak nak!

K.K. said...

it's actually not that bad, by Seremban standard that is. hehehe...

Jonzz said...

Hmmm, they look good.

The one in Ampangan is reasonably tasty.

K.K. said...

the taste's okay. my only gripe is the portion - Tak Boleh lah!

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