Thursday, January 31, 2008

Thai Food Treat at Chok Dee

Our friendly training buddies from Rambo Gym, Michael and Tong, gave me and Felix a dinner treat at Chok Dee Thai Restaurant last night, seeing it's our last week in Batu Pahat. Speak about hospitality!

Tom yam soup with seafood

The food was great! We ordered a variety of dishes, which I wished I had snapped some pictures of. They look good and tasted good. The company was awesome, too, the friendly Batu Pahat folks!

Roasted pork!

I dedicate the photo of the roasted pork above specially to my friend, Hady. He likes pork and sometimes acts a bit porky, but his religious commitment makes him refraining from indulging in pork. That's just too bad coz the roasted pork was really nice, tender, lean, succulent... and comes with a special dipping sauce!

Dipping sauce for roasted pork

Not only did they foot the bill, Michael also served us the soup and made sure we tried all the dishes on the table by getting the dishes on our plates, before his children's. That's top notch hospitality!

L-R: Tong, Michael's son, yours truly, Michael's daughter, Michael's wifey, Michael, Michael's eldest son Felix

Tong then drove us around town after dinner, showing us his house, Michael's house, Chua Soi Lek's house, some mafia's house, golf clubs, churches, bungalows, and then headed towards the outskirts of the town to Senggarang. He nearly drove us all the way to Rengit. He blabbered non-stop in the car. We had a 2-hour sight-seeing in the dark, as Felix aptly puts it.

This is one helluva experience I'm sure I wouldn't get if we were to be posted anywhere in KL, or any part of the country for that matter.

3 spit-backs:

Anonymous said...

Looks like me
Sounds like me
But that's not me!

K.K. said...

haha u lying singam-lingam!
"kolek, kolek, kolek!"

Las montañas said...

wah! those arteries choking food. *grasps heart*

So you like batu pahat eh? but what if they post you to somewhere further east? like Kota Bharu? :P

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